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Version: 1.2.0

Allows to make a record of students attending classes, being absent, or being late



1.2.0 [2020-04-20] Student filter improved.

1.1.9 [2020-03-17] Term Selector fixed.

1.1.8 [2020-02-05] Page title and selector updated.

1.1.7 [2019-06-06] Critical bug fixed. There was error in saving "on time" data. Data was saved but required a fix.

1.1.6 [2019-05-31] Coordinator may change the subject now.

1.1.5 [2019-04-08] Additional Student Year filter added.

1.1.4 [2019-03-27] Student Year filter fixed.

1.1.2 [2019-02-13] Year selection fixed.

1.1.0 Stable release

$ 100.00

Price includes installation, structure configuration and one month of free Live Chat or Whatsapp or email tech support. Also, you will receive free updates during the year.

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