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Welcome to Oxford SMS, S.A. We created school management system that can be installed on your Joomla! website in form of extensions - you may select modules required by your business model, and that can fit your budget and needs.

Oxford School Management System offers a set of self sufficient extensions for Joomla! We develop school extensions and we support our customers and end users.

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Customer Support

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All of our extensions are 100% Joomla! Update System ready

Immediate start, no formal requirements

Fast, efficient, and at your own server. We do not store any of your sensitive information.

It requires standard web server installation L.A.M.P., W.A.M.P. or M.A.M.P.

All our publicly available extensions approved by Joomla! Extensions Directory

No hidden costs or monthly payments

Allows teachers to create assessments and subsequently grade students on the basis of their performance in a given assessment. From the moment of creating an assessment, teachers are allowed limited time (which can be set in settings) to grade their students Feature contains a grading book and provides statistics about failing students and average.

Oxford SMS - Core

This component is a foundation of the School Management System You can run intermediate language courses or kinder garden using only this component. It contains general tables: Departments, Grades, Classes, Subjects, User Groups, Employees, Teachers, Students Buildings, Rooms.


Provides schedules for coordinating students, teachers, rooms, and other resources. This tool uses your core component setting, available teachers, classes, student etc. and build school timetable. It also has an editor where you can move teachers, subjects and classes to suggested time/room positions. It helps you prevent overlaps and balance teacher's load.