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How to Manage Students

How to Manage Students

At the beginning of each scholastic year, students are automatically rolled over to a higher grade, maintaining their grade letter (e.g. a 4A’s student becomes a 5A’s student).

The roll-over process causes creation of a duplicate student account which is linked to the original account. This allows us to switch between academic years.

Only “active” (the note "active" must be typed and the status set to published - indicated by a green icon) accounts are rolled over to the next year.

  • To roll over students automatically, go to Dashboard-Settings-Academic Terms and add next academic year.
  • To roll over students manually, go to Dashboard-Users-Students-All Students, find the student in question, change the year, class and type “active” into the note field.

Since changes in student distribution are often required, coordinators must make sure they make these changes on the website.

Tip: When looking for a student, always select the respective academic year.


  1. How to unpublish a student who no longer attends the school

    (*Be aware that only accounting department may unpublish students (those who left the school.)

    1. Go to Dashboard – Users – Students.
    2. Find the student in question.
    3. Click on the unpublish icon in the action column.
    4. Do not delete the student.
  2. How to change a student’s class:
    1. Go to Dashboard – Users – Students.
    2. Find the student in question.
    3. Click on the edit icon.
    4. Change the student's class in the education field.
    5. Do not forget to click on “active” in the note field.
    6. Save your changes.

    In case a student changes his/her class in the course of the academic year:

    1. Change his/her class on the web page, as mentioned above.
    2. A duplicate account will be created with the same year. This will guarantee that all the student’s grades (including the ones given in the previous class) within the same academic year will be reflected on his/her report card. This effect is applied only if account has the note "active" in it.
    3. In case of any changes in students’ details, it is always possible to see the previous details. Old versions of student accounts can be found on the bottom of student details page.
  3. How to allocate a new student:
    1. Parents fill out application (registration) form on the website. If they prefer, they can complete the form at the reception.
    2. Accounting department (or reception) print the application form, parents sign it and proceed with the payment.
    3. After accounting department’s confirmation, it is coordinators’ responsibility to allocate the student into his/her respective class.

    To do so:

    1. Go to Dashboard – Users – Registrations.
    2. Choose the grade you are looking for and search for new students belonging to the given grade.
    3. Click on the edit icon.
    4. Select the student’s class and write “active” in the note field.
    5. Save your changes.
    6. The following feature will be added later:

    After saving your changes, username and password will be created automatically.

  4. How to block a student account:

    Accounting department may block a student account by typing a note. Any note, except for “active”, will block the account and the note in red will be visible to parents/student.

  5. How to change student contact details:

    School receptionist or coordinator may change student details by going to Dashboard-Users-Students. Students/Parents may update contact information by clicking on the edit icon on student details page.

  6. How to reset User Account password:

    The school system doesn't keep passwords in open form so it is not possible for us to see the password, but it can be reset at the reception. At the moment of resetting, a new password is visible. It is also sent to the user via email.