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Version: 1.2.4

Shows news - notifications. to specific groups of users or grades.

Also it uses the cookies to remember if you saw the news or not, if you did then first the font will get smaller and second the new item will be moved down the list.

How to post news

  1. Click on the News icon on your dashboard.
  2. Click on the plus sign to add news.
  3. Fill out all the required information.
  4. Save your news.
  5. Go back to your recently added news and click on the anchor text Admin. This will allow you to approve your own news by ticking the box Approve. After saving your change, the news will be visible on the school page.

1.2.4 [2020-05-20] Survey form can be skipped now.

1.2.3 [2020-05-17] Surveys are ordered by time and date.

1.2.2 [2020-05-17] Email autosend added.

1.2.1 [2020-05-14] Submit survey link depend on domain name (server name).

1.2.0 [2020-05-14] Send email option added.

1.1.9 [2020-04-03] Learning Tools fixed.

1.1.8 [2020-03-20] Learning Tools added.

1.1.7 [2020-02-14] Toolbar Category Added.

1.1.5 [2020-02-14] Do not show document icon if no file attached.

1.1.4 [2019-11-21] Sync (update) bug fixed. Front-end links to main school attached files fixed. Module option to show news as "enqueueMessage" or as normal content added.

1.1.3 [2019-11-20] Added: Update branch news after deleting main school news item. Link to attached document fixed (applied to copied news from the main school).

1.1.2 [2019-11-20] Edit form improved. Enforced messages JS bug fixed. Branch school message synchronization added.

1.1.1 [2018-11-30] Minor bug fixed (edit link).

1.0.9 [2018-11-30] Tracks user view counts to highlight the news items.

1.0.6 [2018-11-29] Font and background colors added. Attached file icons added.

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