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Streaming Groups

Version: 1.1.0

Custom groups of students created based on their skills or preferences outside their homeroom. Students can be divided into language groups based on their level, or other learning groups based on students' preferences (art groups, science groups, etc.)

How to add a streaming group

  1. Click on the Streaming Groups icon on your dashboard.
  2. Click on the plus sign to create a new streaming group and fill out all the required information. Do not forget to add students.
  3. You can adjust any details by clicking on the edit info icon under the action column on the main Streaming Groups page.
  4. Be aware that after you edit the teacher of any streaming group, all the formative and summative study guides (as well as students’ grades) that had previously been created will fall under his/her name, therefore the teacher will be able to view and edit them accordingly (unlike homeroom reassignments).

1.1.0 [2019-05-08] Grading tabs improved.

1.0.9 [2019-04-24] Subject Coordinators may edit their teacher's student lists.

1.0.8 [2019-04-08] Year filter fixed.

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