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Version: 1.1.4

Provides schedules for coordinating students, teachers, rooms, and other resources. This tool uses your core component setting, available teachers, classes, student etc. and build school timetable. It also has an editor where you can move teachers, subjects and classes to suggested time/room positions. It helps you prevent overlaps and balance teacher's load.

How to setup the timetable


  1. Review employees, add new employees and unpublish the ones who left;

  2. Review teachers, unpublish the ones who left;

  3. Add a new teacher if necessary:

    • Add Employee, issue username and password.

    • Click on a new employee name to see account details, click on the “Create Teacher Account” link.

    • Select the subjects teacher may teach (based on the teacher's skills).

    • Add Homeroom as one of the teacher's subjects in case he/she is a homeroom teacher. This will allow you to assign a specific class to the teacher.

  4. Set homeroom teachers: Go to Classes, click on the [Edit Homeroom] or Edit button, and add homeroom teacher.

  5. Set the timetable settings for each subject:

    1. Start with the fixed subjects such as Homeroom (Registration), Recces, Lunch, Assembly. Then add the streaming groups, P.E., and swimming pool activities.

    2. Set the number of periods per week;

    3. Set the period's length.

    4. Set the “Fixed Day” if necessary. It is useful in case of assembly.

    5. Set the “Fixed Time Block” if necessary. It is useful in case of recess and lunch.

    6. In case it is not a homeroom subject, select the room.

    7. Set “Same Room As Homeroom” if a special subject is taught in the same room as homeroom subjects.

    8. If the room is not selected, then the home room will be automatically chosen.

  6. Adjust Timetable: Move blocks to correct the schedule and meet teacher's limitation etc.


1.1.3 [2020-02-24] Context Menu editor added.

1.1.2 [2019-07-25] JSON error handling added.

1.1.1 [2019-05-10] Add item on subject change bug fixed.

1.1.0 [2019-04-13] Menu improved.

1.0.9 [2019-04-08] Shows only active profile items.

1.0.8 [2019-04-01] Room Edit interface improved.

1.0.5 [2019-03-26] Edit interface improved.

1.0.4 [2019-03-22] Profiles added.

1.0.1 [2019-03-07] First Release.

$ 350

Price includes installation, structure configuration and one month of free Live Chat or Whatsapp or email tech support. Also, you will receive free updates during the year.